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We provide full GPS tracking for each and every trailer that carries our skirts. This allows clients to log in at any time, and see where their skirts are.

This gives the Interstate Advertising team all the information they need to make informed decisions that keep your campaign delivery on trailer. This is also how we schedule installations, removal, and maintenance of our skirts as campaigns begin and end.

Once you become a client, the Interstate Advertising team will set you up with a personal administrative login that allows you, or people in our company to see up to date information on each trailer carrying your ads.

Design Specifications

We can help assist you with your designs but you must supply your own artwork and graphics. Please follow our strict guidelines for design as the skirt space and shape is very specific and we want to ensure that your ads turn out great. 

Our skirt application is made from a 3M IJ 180 High Quality Vinyl. The material has a UV coating that provides a reflective surface. The product comes with a 3 year warranty and guarantees monthly maintenance and upkeep of every ad to ensure quality control.

Application is performed following standard procedures established by manufacturers like 3M and Oracal. During the graphics installation process the material is heated and applied using industrial gas torches and heat guns so that it takes the shape of the vehicle body and achieves almost a paint-like finish.

Environmental Benefits

Each skirt instillation provides the truck fleet with an annual fuel cost savings of 4.5%, though most experience a savings well over 7% creating Green jobs through installment and manufacturing of each skirts as well as reducing independence or middle eastern oil.

 fuel cost savings of 4.5%, though most experience a savings well over 7%. This means that every demand for ad placements helps to promote a cleaner environment and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Reach Your Audience Today

In today's digital world, it's become a challenge holding consumer attention with all the various media channels. You can easily capture the attention of your audience while commuting in traffic, as they cannot change the channel outside their windshield or flip through the pages.

According to the American Trucking Association, more than 90% of the audience in traffic notice and remember truck advertising. Unlike traditional, fixed billboards, our skirts promote your message to a constantly changing audience.

Discount Cards

We also provide discount cards that give merchants/restaurants and stores in your community a way to advertise & give the community a great discount on places they love to shop at. Call today to find out how to get up and running with your discount card today.


Interstate advertising also provides OTR over the road freight brokering. We work with professional trucking carriers nationwide that meet our qualification standards for your freight. Whether you need service for only one shipment or regularly scheduled services over the course of several months or years. We will work with you and the trucking companies to get the lowest rate for you. Call now to get the best deal on your next shipment.